Unlawful Conversion Reclaim Application

The often capitalised name that appears on a passport, driving licence, bank statement or utility bills is more often than not “The Legal Fiction”. The government or state took the certificate of Live Birth and a few days after live birth, created a “Birth Registration” document which created a trading entity (a company) often using the same name. Governments and states are companies. Companies cannot control Living Men and Women, they can only impose themselves upon other companies.

As this is done whilst most individuals are mere babies this is obviously fraudulent and is known as an Unlawful Conversion.

As given names and family names are often duplicated in creating the legal fiction then the natural real owner of this fiction is the individual whose name was taken and unlawfully used to create the fictitious name.

Therefore, once the real owner of the fictitious name is aware of this fraud they can apply to record that they are indeed the real owner of this unlawful conversion and hence apply here to reclaim it.

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