The Declaration of Common Law Documents

1. The website and service provided by The Common Law Documents.Com exists in cyberspace it has no contract or connection with any government. Its purpose is to protect the inalienable rights of Living Men and Women.

2. All Common Law Documents are based on what is known as Gods Law, Natural Law, the Creators Law, Universal Law, the Law of the Land and Common Law principles and are therefore the highest lawful documents.

3. The website primarily exists to allow Living Men and Women to have physical evidence that they are Living and not lost at sea.

4. The website also exists as a public display site of Common Law Court orders.

5. Properly convened Common Law Courts consist of a jury of peers. The orders that are made from these courts are unimpeachable and cannot be challenged or interfered with by any statutory court. The only permissible challenge would be if evidence was withheld in the original process and/or jury tampering was proven.

6. Statutory courts are properly warned that any interference, failure to recognise or abide by any properly convened Common Law Court orders may be a denial of Common Law rights and a Common Law crime against the people.

7. All Living Men and Women are born free with automatic and inalienable rights which protect them from harm, loss or injury from others.

8. Governments and states have for a considerable amount of time imposed slavery upon Living Men and Women and worse this has been deliberately hidden by fraudulent deceptions of authority and jurisdiction.

9. Living Men and Women are deceived in many forms notwithstanding the unlawful conversion of live birth documents into a maritime law registration of birth certificates process. This creates a dead entity, a trading entity of the Living Man or Woman. Under maritime law the Living Man or Woman is now regarded as lost at sea, and the only record of their existence now is the legal fiction which is a company that the government or state, which is also a company, will now fraudulently deal with. The reason this is a fraud is because a new born baby cannot enter into a contract and therefore full disclosure never existed which is fraud with no time limits.

10. Governments and states deceive living men and women into believing they have authority and jurisdiction over them, and when challenged use violence and imprisonment and hence slavery as compliance vehicles

11. Governments and states have for the same considerable amount of time used this deception to commit attacks, injustices, killings, robberies, theft, unlawful imprisonment upon Living Men and Women. They have perpetrated endless wars, and sent Living Men and Women to kill other innocent Living Men and Women deceiving them yet again that they had the authority and jurisdiction to force them into war.

12. It is the declaration of Common Law Documents that once Living Men and Women are aware of unlawful conversion and the fraud and deception that come with this, that they can have a lawful remedy through this website.

13. The lawful remedy is obtaining evidence through a Living Man Living Woman number that they are living and therefore not lost at sea, and by reclaiming the Unlawful Conversion the Legal Fiction the government or state defrauded them with.

14. Living Men and Women having obtained lawful remedy can now evidentially prove that they have no contract with any government or state and now they will never under any conditions be brought under mandatory rule by legal statute.

15. Living men and women can right a wrong by a properly convened Common Law Court and may post the orders of the court on the Common Law Documents website.

16. This declaration although recorded on this website is made under Gods Law, Natural Law, Common Law, the Creators Law, the Law of the Land and Universal Law, and as such it is sent into the Universe where it will stand for eternity.

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