Declare your standing under Common Law

Have you noticed that governments who previously couldn’t agree on anything are operating in lockstep around the world on many issues? Travel restrictions, digital ID’s and tracking, replacing cash with government digital currencies?

If you have a feeling something is not right you are completely correct. Governments want to control the populations and they know that time is not on their side because more and more of us are waking up and asking “why do we need them and what do they do that we can do better, faster and cheaper”?

How governments have gotten away with controlling us for so long is one of the deepest and most hidden tricks in human history, the birth certificate.

We were all tricked into contracting with them via our birth certificates when we were a few days old. Incredibly we had a Live Birth certificate and then a few days later a government Birth Certificate that legally converted us into a trading dead (yes dead) entity.

Governments are always companies and so are the police forces, courts, education and children services and nearly all connected to government bodies.

Companies can’t tell Living Men and Women what to do. Imagine a burger business making demands upon you and your family, what would you tell them to do if they tried?

Companies can make contracts with other companies and hence control them, and this is the basis of all government trickery and fake control. Bizarre as it sounds they have to declare you as “lost at sea” legally dead now they can apply control upon you. This is all fine for governments as long as you remain in ignorance. When you wake up to this it becomes a different matter.

It is a fact in Law that when you decide to declare yourself as “Living” and operating under Common Law and reclaim something called your Legal Fiction all government authority is voided.

This website was created by the authority of the people at a lawfully and properly convened Common Law Court in Spain on April 23rd 2023. It exists as a service:

  • For Living Men and Women to declare that they are alive and not lost at sea
  • For Living Men and Women to claim back the Unlawful Conversion The Legal Fiction under their rightful ownership, thus forbidding anyone or company to deal with the Legal Fiction without their permission.
  • For Living Men and Women to record the court orders of lawfully and properly convened Common Law Court hearings.

To get started click onto Declare Your Living Man/Woman Status and follow the simple instructions.

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