Legalese Non Use

There are eight or more levels to the English language, schools tend to teach to level two. The vast majority of Living Men and Women have no idea how language can be used in deliberate fraud to deceive and confuse them.

As this website is a Common Law service the creators are respectful of the nuances of words, capitalisation and other variations that can completely change the intended meaning of a word.

One of the primary purposes of this website is to allow Living Men and Women to declare that they are alive and not lost at sea. The majority of Living Men and Women first becoming aware of the fraud and deception of governments and states, have limited comprehension of how legalese can entrap them therefore this site uses and focuses on the Oxford English dictionary for all meanings that are commonly understood, and therefore all words here are not to be confused with legalese.

Should you require the definition of any word used on this website then you are referred to the Oxford English Dictionary.

For the avoidance of doubt legalese is not used on this website.

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