Living men and women

Are you alive?

Yes of course you are, but your government doesn’t think so, they want to deal with your dead entity not you.

Did you know that the only record of you is probably your government issued Birth Certificate that in their Legalese world declares you as legally dead? You were born and given a Live Birth certificate and then a few days later your parents were coerced (often under threat of fraudulent fines) to give you away to the government (or worse to a monarch) through the “registration” (very bad legalese word) of your Birth Certificate.

So on legalese paper you were only alive for a few days. That’s not right is it?

So let’s right that wrong and declare that you are not “lost at sea” in their crazy maritime fraudulent world.

Let’s make it abundantly clear that as a new born baby you were not capable of entering into any contract and all contracts without full disclosure are fraudulent (without time limits).

Take the first steps here to create your Living Man Living Woman certificate.

It only takes a couple of minutes to start breaking those chains.

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